Cruises mermership
Cruises Membership
AeroRescate operates in different regions. Antarctica and Patagonia are among them. Therefore our Company has developed a full MEDEVAC system including Airplanes and Helicopters to better assist a person in need while visiting these areas.

This service is particularly attractive for Cruises as many times no medical assistance is available in remote places plus some cruise's passengers suffer from different health conditions that make them vulnerable.

Our Services:

• Medical Evacuation from Falkland Islands / Malvinas to Punta Arenas (Chile).

• Medical Evacuation from King George Island (Antarctica) to Punta Arenas (Chile).

• From Cruises towards Punta Arenas (Chile) or towards the nearest place from which the patient can be rescued with one of our airplanes.


• Using Airplanes fully equipped as an ambulance plus medical support.

• Helicopter Medical Evacuation Some other Emergency situations to consider are:

   - Ice damage to the hull, propeller and rudder.

   - Heavy weather damage.

   - Man overboard from the ship, Zodiacs, kayaks, etc.

   - Grounding and stranding.

   - General oil spill from deck equipment, Zodiacs, boats, helicopters, etc.

   - Waste oil spill.

    - Mechanical and/or steering failure.

    - Power outage/blackout.

    - Fire.

   - Collision.

For more information please contact Michelle Walbaum at:


Phone: 56-61-616100