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We have medical equipped  helicopters Eurocopter, 100%  factory certifed as ambulances as ICU (Intensive Care Unit) mode, which make them safer and the most trustable aircrafts of this kind.

BO 105

For  great heights operations, we have the  AS 350 B3 helicopters medical-equipped, that are able to rise over 5.000 meters  above the sea level, because of their power and versatility.

AS 350 B3

EC 135 T2

The civilian helicopter most used in the world as an ambulance or police craft, essential for rescue and night flights or during low visibility conditions.


All of our pilots have more tan 3.000 flight hours and great experience flying with difficult climate and hard conditions.

Doctors and paramedics

The Aerorescate medical staff has been carefully selected, based on their experience on urgency medicine, and underwent a special treatment to work with a patient on board of a moving helicopter. All of our doctors and paramedics are specialized on emergencies and rescue issues.

Radio Operators

We have radio communication the 365 days of the year, being coordinated with the accident site and the hospital center, apart from the emergency responders as the Police, Firemen, Emergency Medical Services etc.


Are the personnel in charge of the maintenance of our aircrafts, taking care in every moment of the security of the aircraft and their crew.