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Frequent ask questions

Which is the service delivered by AeroRescate?
To assist with the ambulance helicopters equipped at ICU level manned by the pilot, the doctor and the  paramedic as soon as possible, to the place where an emergency has occurred in which one or more people are grave, in order to stabilize the patient and then transport him/her to a hospital or medical center.

What kind of helicopter does AeroRescate have?
Ambulance Helicopter certified by the manufacturer, BO 105 with two turbo engines, authorized to flight over cities. B3 single-engine helicopter, capable of flying at high altitude and load capacity of up to 1100kg.

How can you get the AeroRescate Service?
AeroRescate has agreements with mine, energy, industrial, construction and other kina of companies offering a coverage to more than 200.000 workers along the country. In order to hire the rescue services of AeroRescate the companies just have to sent an e-mail addressed to: indicating its location and one of our executives will immediately contact you  in order to propose a service plan.

Do the AeroRescate system assist calls from particulars?
Even if the AeroRescate system is designed in order to assist medical emergencies of the associated enterprises to our net and with a high degree of previous coordination, it is feasible to respond to a particular call having previously collected some basic data and the confirmation of background information. You can call to (56) (32) 2473494 for more information.

Where in the country can you find AeroRescate coverage?
Nowadays we are the only company with own land base in different regions of the country, allowing us to give coverage in: Antofagasta Region, Copiapo Region, Metropolitan Region, Punta Arenas Area and E. Air Base Frei, King George Island, Antarctica.

How much time does the helicopter take to arrive to the emergency place?
This will depend on the distance it has to cover, but as an example, from the AeroRescate base at Lo Aguirre (Km. 11 Route 68), the estimated time of flight to Viña del Mar or Valparaiso would be of 26 minutes, Rancagua or Los Andes 18 minutes, Melipilla or Curacavía 15 minutes, Farellones, Colina or Talagante 12 minutes.

How much does a helicopter take to take off from one of the bases?
AeroRescate is the only company that counts with a complete standby crew 356 days of the year, located in our bases, which means that since the call is made to the helicopter is taking off there are just 5 minutes in between.

Which is the coverage of the service?The aero medical rescue service works every day of the year including weekends and holydays from sunrise to sunset (according to the Rules of the Directorate General of Civilian Aeronautic DAGC) . Rescue operations and transport at night time can be exceptionally made on DGAC specific zones.