Cruises mermership
Even if in Chile there are not any statistics over aero medical rescue, this is a worldwide level service that allows saving thousands of life everyday.

Since the ambulance helicopters became another element of the rescue service chain, an 80% more of people in distress arrives alive to a hospital, which visibly improves their surviving possibilities and greatly decreases the after - effects that an accident may have.

Our aero medical rescue service consist of taking an UTI to the place where the people that has suffered and accident is, in order to stabilize him/her and then carry him/her to the nearest hospital or medical center.

Nowadays, we offer this service to a number of companies all over the country, giving coverage to more than 200.000 workers. We also deliver service to hospital, clinical centers and public institutions.

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AeroRescate is able to carry out transfer of patients from an assistance centre to another of more complexity, through the "bed to bed" mode: from the origin hospital to the destiny hospital with the same medical equipment in charge and using for that purpose helicopters as ambulance airplanes.


In site exercises are periodically performed, along with the company, in order to coordinate in a better way an aerial evacuation, improve the procedures of aero medical security and measure the response time, among other objectives.


Every enterprise that becomes part of the Aerorescate net has the Access to our training system for their workers, that consists on the performance of practical exercises with our equipment and aircrafts, as well as aero medical security issues that are basics for a good coordination in the case of an emergency.