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We are an ambulance-helicopters company with more than 1.000 aero medical rescue operations carried out all over the country with no accidents along our history.

As part of the DAP Group, we are supported by DAP Helicopters, the offshore operator with the biggest amount of hours in the southern hemisphere, currently with more than 100.000 flight hours and a history of no accidents at all for more than 25 years.

Today Aerorescate operates from four bases distributed along the national territory, covering most of the country, and delivering services to enterprises of all sectors and size, committed to offer the best resources in order to protect the life of their contributors.

We offer a service that till now it was just a privilege of developed countries: In every base, there is a complete equipment stand-by mode, ready to take over when an emergency situation is produced

The DAP Group acts consequently the preservation of the environment. All the activities of the companies that belong to the group are mitigated through the preservation of 38.000 acres of native forest located on the Magallanes Region, thus ratifying the commitment of our companies with the sustainable growth.